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What is FSM?

Ferdie’s Soccer Magic
s a soccer skills development program that specializes in individual skills acquisition and advancement.
We give children the tools to unlock their potential. To succeed on the field. To love to play.  Then we motivate them to train on their own to build self-confidence. Ferdie’s Soccer Magic leaves children feeling empowered with the desire to achieve more. You will love your FSM experience because we have spent 33 years refining our curriculum, making sure it keeps ahead of current developmental trends. It is now even better than ever. You can set up a custom camp in your town for your team, club or association.  Or, you can attend any of our camps in MA or Texas. 
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 FSM program provides a quantitative analysis of your soccer skills, and this proves to be it’s most appealing feature to players.

What children love about FSM is the numeric expression we place on skills.  The number allows players to quantitatively visualize their ability, which not only gets their competitive juices flowing to top the charts, but also exposes them to what they need to do to achieve success.  Because we engage players on an individual level, they work harder for themselves, and therefore bring greater passion, greater desire and ultimately greater skills to the sport.


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