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Ferdie's Soccer Magic Backyard Skills

Ferdie's Backyard Skills System

The time has come for you to own your game, by owning your development.  Ferdie’s Backyard system brings our entire skills development  curriculum into your backyard.  Ferdie’s Backyard Skills is a personal skills system developed for players to learn, practice, and train at home. Coach always said “go home and practice”  The problem was you never knew what to practice.

The days of just banging the ball against a wall are over. You will not get bored by running out of ideas.

Ferdie’s Backyard Skills is VISIBLE in the backyard and invites you to play everyday.

Learn at your own leisure.
Train at your own speed.
You no longer need a coach to learn skills.
Prepare for a new season and surprise everyone.
Learn and practice breathtaking skills as much as you want, as often as you can
You will beat opponents with ease.
The more you practice anything, the better you get at it.  Start now on your own!
Your game is now in your hands.  No more excuses.

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