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Development is a lifestyle.  It is those things that you do often, that shapes who you are and what you become. Habits give us skills, and skills give us tools to navigate life.  This is how we think about your development in soccer-skills to navigate the game.  Anything short of a lifestyle will merely come and go, and leave you unfulfilled and unaccomplished. Since Development requires a lifestyle adjustment or change, it is most important that it is something you love and care about.  If it is going to be a lifestyle, then you have to want it, like what it will do for you, and believe in it.  Good development defines or describes the end product.  Gives you an example or model of the product.  Gives you the elements and characteristics of the model.  Gives you a curriculum or plan for acquisition, and objectively assesses your development in relation to others. Ferdie's Soccer Magic gives you a lifestyle for development.

Technical skills

Ball-control skills

Ball-handling skills

Speed and Quickness


1. Technical skills -Comprising the coach’s game, these are the individual elements essential for teamwork. They are the elements that make it possible for individual players on a team to connect successfully with each other. If the Technical Director's (Coach's) primary responsibility is to establish understanding and teamwork among players, then the players must have the technical ability to make UPS home delivered passes, receive balls flawlessly, play one and two touch, both on the ground and in the air.  Good technical skills not only helps an individual to be effective on the team, but also allows the team to play quickly in advancing the ball up the field.

2. Ball Control skills -Handling of the ball in the air- Juggling is the most important daily habit that accompany the game of soccer. Juggling helps a good soccer player to become a better player because they develop greater understanding of ball control. This is an area that our players lack expertise because many coaches and players fail to recognize the direct and immediate of juggling. Imagine the game of a twelve year old who understands how to make the ball spin, not spin, spin backwards only or sideways only. Imagine the touch of a player who can juggle over 90 times in 30 seconds consistently below the knee. FSM teaches 7 different juggling techniques for breathtaking ball-control.

3. Ball-handling skills- Is defined as how comfortable a player is expressing themselves with the ball on the ground. The more comfortable a player becomes in handling the ball on the ground, the greater their individual expression. We teach 16 different habits for greater comfort and expression, making a player more skillful, more confident and eager to attack. These habits form the basis of all 1v1 skills used in soccer.

4. Speed and Quickness-  Speed is the ultimate element of success in sport. To gain speed you need to make speed a developmental habit. Skills Performance Training and Speed Juggling are activities conceived by Ferdie Adoboe and fast gaining national and international recognition. Speed Juggling and SPT intensify a player's relationship with the ball by speeding up their handling. At Ferdie's Soccer Magic we define soccer speed as the speed at which a player executes soccer skills, not how fast they run (which we refer to as athletic speed). We separate the two things so that players can distinguish between what is athletic, and what is skill.  This extraction helps players master the ball better in a shorter period of time. Most importantly, it improves a player's balance, coordination, rhythm and control, teaching them to handle the ball comfortably, efficiently and quickly. With soccer's increasing popularity and growth, a good player is no longer one with skills, but one with skill, speed and quickness.  It is with such foresight that we introduce kids (at an early age,) to sophisticated habits of the future. Habits that shape their skills for the modern game. In 1999, the Guinness Book of World Records endorsed Speed Juggling and it's developmental benefits to the game, by establishing the record in the Guinness Records Book. Boys and girls around the world can now be engaged in this highly beneficial activity to compete, and at the same time improve their game. Ferdie created Skills Performance Training in 1997 to help  players who were serious about advancement to improve very fast.  He then designed SoccerSAT (Soccer Skills Assessment Test) to help them objectively assess how good they are.  Since then hundreds of players have gone on to achieve amazing goals in football, from UEFA Champions league, European professional Clubs, National Teams, MLS, NCAA soccer, ODP and high school soccer.  After 13 years of data collection on player performances and achievements, we now have the information needed to help and guide you to any level of play. Through our SoccerSATs we have set skills performance levels, and established a skills guideline for players and coaches nationwide to use in their development. 
Due to it's simplicity and effectiveness, Ferdie's Soccer Magic program empowers children to advance themselves. By engaging them on an individual level, we inspire them to bring greater passion and desire to the sport.  Success is imminent.

Our Model Player
Ferdie's Soccer Magic Player is modeled to wear #10. Number 10s exhibit the highest combination of technical, ball-handling and ball-control skills. They understand and accept the responsibility for winning the match, but most importantly, they recognize the importance of teammates in their efforts to do so. FSM player looks to be under control and calm under pressure, while probing the defense looking for the right moments to strike quickly with the ball. They love and enjoy the ball at their feet.

With a Mission so clear, a philosophy that is true to futbol, and a curriculum that is tailored to the purpose, you can begin to visualize YOUR success.  For us, it's about
the love of futbol, the love of teaching, and the love of children.

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