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Privacy Policy

We are sensitive to privacy issues on the Internet and we believe it is important for visitors to our Site to know how we treat information we receive. Accordingly, we have adopted this Privacy Policy for this Site to ensure responsible use of the information you share with us.


"Personal Data" is personal and/or confidential information that relates to you and your affiliation with us.

"Communications" are any non-confidential and non-proprietary communications information, except for Personal Data, that you transmit to the Site by electronic mail or otherwise, including data, questions, comments and/or suggestions

"Personal Information"
is any Communication where you knowingly enter your personal information such as your name, address, social security number, or telephone number.

"Non-Personal Information" is any Communication derived from your connection to the Site, such as your Internet browser, domain name and referrer link.

All Communications, except for Personal Data and Personal Information, will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary, will become the property of the National Life Group and may be used for the purposes described herein. More... 2010 - 2014, All Rights Reserved