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Our Philosophy

Ferdie’s Soccer Magic Program is built on the premise that "The quality of the game is driven by the quality and intensity of individual relationships players have with the ball."  The game is the ball, to be good at the game is to be good with the ball.
The FSM Curriculum takes you through these 5 questions.
1.      What is soccer about?
2.      What is a special player?
3.      Who is a special player?
4.      What makes them special?
5.      What do I do to be special?
First we established the model player, #10.  We then identified the characteristics and elements of the model player, and created a systematic and methodical process to teach those elements to our players.
We developed The SoccerSATs to quantitatively measure each player's ability, so that we could follow and chart a player's development through time. Though quantitative, this measure gives a very objective and real indication of a player's ball-handling ability, as well as their speed and quickness with the ball.  Over time players develop the unique elements of our model player and begin to exhibit those elements in games.

You will improve faster with our curriculum because it is specifically built to focus on your ability to handle the ball and play the game.  FSM program has met the developmental needs of player's who aspired to European professional clubs, The MLS, UEFA Champions League, and recently, The World Cup.
  We are confident we can help you.

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